Xmlreader non validating

Any properties set on the given Xml Text Reader also applies to this validating reader.

I'm trying to write something in Java that receives an XML string and validates it against an XSD schema, and does automatic error handling for some simple common errors, and outputs a fixed XML string.

The current node refers to the node on which the reader is positioned.

The reader is advanced using any of the read methods and properties reflect the value of the current node.

The following are things to consider when using the Xml Text Reader class.

xml($xml_string, NULL, LIBXML_DTDVALID)) libxml_use_internal_errors(TRUE);$xml_array = xml2assoc($xml);$ar Errors = libxml_get_errors();$xml_errors = "";foreach ($ar Errors AS $xml Error) $xml_errors .= $xml Error-set Parser Property(XMLReader:: VALIDATE, true);" This enables DTD checking, but you can also check by using Relax NG (see set Relax NGSchema() and set Relax NGSchema Source()).

When this is invoked, and the parser is set to validate, some features will be automatically reset to appropriate values: for reporting namespace prefixes, and incorporating external entities.

Use the Read State property to check whether a reader is in error state. You need to do something like the following in order to create a validating reader now: All the interesting configuration for the validation now hangs off the Xml Reader Settings. By the way, don't forget that Xml Reader supports line and column information via the IXml Line Info interface.One thing that I tend to do with validating readers is to process the XML in two phases, like some compilers. If you do not need data validation, the ability to resolve general entities, or support for default attributes, use Xml Text Reader.Write-only Sets the Xml Resolver used for resolving external DTD and schema location references.In the first phase I focus on validation, and spit out as many errors as possible by catching the validation event.


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