Hayden panettiere dating costar

"Mandy is one of the kindest, most amazing performers and women I've met in my life," he said. She is amazing." Despite the sweet gushing, when asked his opinion of dating co-stars, he got candid fast.

You're not supposed to be with one another," he advised.

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, Ventimiglia doesn't think dating co-stars at all is a good idea. Once you have nabbed yourself a partner, grown-up Jess suggests keeping things equal.

Their undercover flirtation is exposed for the first time in this week’s issue of Star magazine.

While on set this past spring, the on-screen duo frequently “held hands and one of them almost always had their arm around the other,” a source tells the mag.

PHOTOS: 7 Reasons Rory & Jess Are Meant For Each Other on "The best was hanging out with Fergie and the worst was when it was over," he reveals. mildly terrified of Josh Duhamel for picking up his girl and spinning her around." That’s one way to keep your lady from falling for Milo.

It had all the makings of a country song: Nashville co-stars Hayden Panetierre and Jay Hernandez reportedly had a hot off-screen relationship on the set of their show this spring, despite the fact that she was months away from getting engaged to boxer boyfriend Wladimir Klitschko, and Hernandez is married.


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