Are matt cardle and rebecca dating

The Liverpudlian lass told me: "I can completely understand why he's ended up in rehab."You have a young, good-looking, successful lad and you think why?But it takes a strong mind in this industry to survive unscathed and stay on track."It's so hard.But, East Anglian X-Factor winner Matt Cardle is not your average pop star and while it would be wrong to say that he regrets releasing three albums in quick succession, he is concerned that perhaps they don’t entirely capture who he is as a musician.Speaking, as he is currently recording his fourth studio album, he says that he is now more concerned with finding his authentic voice and exploring more musical avenues than firing off a series of albums that sound very similar.

The song is not a happy one."Do whatever you gotta do so you can feel like you're winning on me," she sings.Her new single, "I Hope", for example, begins with the line: "I used to hate you so easily".The smile disappears completely (and necessarily) as she debuts another track from her new album, Freedom, entitled "My Freedom".Then, promptly rearranging her face once more, she adds: "This next one's about bullying and oppression…"It is probably fair to suggest that X Factor finalists rarely sing songs about bullying and oppression.But then Ferguson, it transpires, has much to gripe about. She is tall and elegant, her fake eyelashes lending an unexpected glamour to what is otherwise an ordinary Friday morning.You are constantly surrounded by people who just want to use you.


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